In law, the most important thing is to have someone who knows how to navigate the books as well as the Courtroom. An ounce of prevention is almost always cheaper than the pound of cure. While we handle Contracts, Research, and Document Preparation, we concentrate in the following fields for our clients:

Estate Preparation and Probate Litigation

Managing your affairs is more than simply putting words on a piece of paper. There are tax consequences, management of finances, and control of your assets. In today's litigious world, take steps to make sure your assets stay with your heirs, and not the attorneys!

Real Estate and Tax

When you are in the market for land, you should consider the ramifications of your purchases, and look out for unscrupulous "too good to be true" deals! The same goes with tax time, with "avoid tax" schemes. An hour with an attorney can save you months of litigation.

Eventually the worst may happen, and cooler heads may not prevail. Make sure that assets, real estate, and business are protected, so that one mistake or lawsuit does not spell the end of your business! And once the worst does happen, make sure you have someone on your side to help you navigate the process.

Recent Developments:

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Litigation Adversary

Civil Litigation and Asset Protection