Practicing law since 2008, Brighton Hushing-Kline maintains the highest and strictest standards when it comes to my clients and the law. I have a solid reputation for being responsive, dedicated, and thorough which stems from an unyielding work ethic and thirst for knowledge. The more we know, the better an asset we are to you.

It is not a stretch to say I live and breathe the law. Nothing is more important to us than playing a role in upholding your rights and the rights of the community.


It's not a secret that planning and preparation pays off. I place an emphasis on details, as that is what allows me to provide you with the best legal advice and build the best strategy. Whether preparing a strategy for litigation, or negotiating a settlement, we prefer to take a cooperative approach and cover all the bases.

As a full-service practice, my goal is to provide you with guidance and solutions, regardless of the legal situation. My job is to advise you to take the action, or pick the attorney, that best helps you and those close to you, regardless of the situation. This is my way of ensuring your case gets the proper attention and you get the closure you deserve.

Recent Cases:

Creditor Defense:

Montgomery v. GCFS (2015) - The first district Court of Appeal agreed with GCFS that the California Finance Lender's Act does not prohibit assignment of CFLL loans to non-finance lenders.

As head counsel on this case Brighton arranged the initial demurrer, the appellate motion practice, and the oral argument against noted consumer attornies of the Consumer Law Center,Fred W. Schwinn and Raeon Roulston.

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